Musei di Bassano del Grappa, Gabinetto delle Stampe e dei Disegni

Bassano del Grappa

The drawings collection counts circa 4,000 works and it is the result of various donations. It is mainly divided into three sections: 

the Riva Drawings, with 600 sheets attributed to artists, such as Andrea del Sarto, Parmigianino, Tiepolo, and Salvator Rosa; the Bassano del Grappa Drawings, with 1,395 sheets; and the Canova Drawings, with 2,000 sheets donated in 1851 by the Abbot Giambattista Sartori Canova (1775-1858), half-brother of the artist Antonio Canova. The prints collection includes circa 30,000 rare works. The most important corpus of works is the Remondini's personal collection.


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