Biblioteca Universitaria di Cagliari, Gabinetto delle Stampe Anna Marongiu Pernis


The Gabinetto delle stampe Anna Marongiu Pernis is entitled to the artist of the same name missing in 1941. The birth of this institution is due to the library director of that time Nicola Valle. The group of printmakers which was created in Sardinia between the two wars and whose aggregation point was the periodical L'Eroica starts again the artistic production after the war. The artists of the so-called Scuola sarda are invited to donate their works. The Gabinetto today owns works of Sardinian artists such as Stanis Dessì, Mario Delitala, Cesare Pirisi, Carmelo Floris, Valerio Pisano, Giuseppe Biasi, Antonio Mura Rafaele Angelo Oppo, Felice Melis Marini, Remo Branca, and Enea and Giovanni Marras. The prints are today located in the Chapel of the ex Tridentine Seminary on the ground floor of the library.


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