Biblioteca Palatina, Disegni e Stampe


The graphic collection of the Biblioteca Palatina is mainly divided into three fondi. The first one is the Raccolta Ortalli, which is constituted by the important collection of prints of Massimiliano Ortalli, purchased by the library in 1828. The second one is the Fondo Parmense, mainly constituted by the Balestra Collection, acquired in 1838.  The third  one is the Fondo Palatino composed of the works received with the acquisition of the Borbone Library of Lucca.



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- Cristofori, Roberta, and Grazia Maria de Rubeis. L'insigne ornamento: la raccolta di stampe di Massimiliano Ortalli nella Biblioteca Palatina di Parma. Parma: MUP, 2014.