Biblioteca Comunale Forteguerriana, Disegni e Stampe


The collection, for the most part coming from the so-called Fondo Forteguerriano and from the donations Alberto Chiappelli, 

Giuseppe Catani and Guido Macciòis made up of 2,200 prints of artists like Lucas van Leyden, Marcantonio Raimondi, 

Stefano della Bella, Abraham Bloemaert, Bartholomeus Spranger,

Jacques Callot, the Sadeler, Simone Cantarini, Antonio Tempesta, 

Carlo Maratti, Giuseppe Piattoli and Giuseppe Maria Mitelli, and 

of circa 900 drawings, dated between the seventeenth and the nineteenth century, of artists like Francesco Leoncini, Gherardo Nerucci, Carlo Petrocchi, Cesare Pagnini, Andrea Lippi, and an album of portraits of Pistoia citizens by Giuseppe Catani.



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