Biblioteca Civica Romolo Spezioli, Gabinetto Stampe e Disegni


The Gabinetto Stampe e Disegni includes about 6,500 prints and 4,500 drawings, almost entirely from the private collection of the architect of Fermo Giovanni Battista Carducci (1806-1878). Carducci had to buy the collection largely from the painter of the Marche region Fortunato Duranti, of which hand the library can consequently boast the richest collection of drawings; the original belonging to Duranti can be argued even for a good number of prints, based on the frequency of the painter's handwritten annotations on the back or on the margins of several sheets, as well as on the consistency of certain typological choices. Otherwise, the collection of prints responds to the taste of Carducci, now attentive to the purchase of valuable pieces, now also fascinated by late and imperfect editions, as long as they correspond to his specific thematic interest. Among the approximately 4,500 drawings in the Gabinetto stand out individual sheets such as those of the sixteenth century by Giovanni Antonio Dosio, or those of the seventeenth century by Domenico Piola and the Baciccio; from the eighteenth century deserve particular mention Gian Antonio Guardi and Giuseppe Cades. The famous notebook by Cola dell'Amatrice deserves a special mention, in pen and ink, 29 sheets of sketches by the famous artist interspersed with notes, maxims, proverbs, recipes, etc., of great variety and artistic value. Among the over 6,500 prints in the Gabinetto, the numerous translation prints by Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian can be noted for their undoubted value; rare sheets by Barocci and Carracci; rehearsals by Guido Reni and Parmigianino; German and Flemish graphics, in particular with Dürer's excellent sheets, or even the seventeenth-century production of Francesco Villamena and Antonio Tempesta. A large group of prints by Giovambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo is also part of the collections.


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