Biblioteca Casanatense, Disegni e Stampe


The collection counts circa 30,000 works and has its origin in the personal library of Cardinal Casanate (1620-1700). In 1735, there was a large increase in the collection thanks to Father Agnani. Indeed, 2,400 prints were acquired from the French librarian Lhuillier, at that time in Rome. However, the collection has been then constantly enriched through the centuries. Significant was the privilege granted by Pope Gregory XVI (1765-1864) in 1831 (lasting till 1870), according to which the prints produced by the Calcografia Camerale were delivered to the library free of charge. Noteworthy are the works by the German and Flemish schools by artists like Albrecht Durer, Hans Baldung Grien, Hendrik Goltzius, Lucas van Leyden, Abraham and Cornelis Bloemaert, the Wierix, the Collaert, and the Sadeler; but also of the French school with artists like Jacques Callot and the Perelle.


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